Friday, June 3, 2011

Brother and Sister
Here is a little composite I put together from 3 images.

I started with a photo of my basement door:
Then added the vintage photo of a brother and sister:

And finally added some texture with a pattern
I made in the 21 Secrets workshop,
"Playing with Patterns":
I hope you like the ghostly little brother and sister.
I may be rather leery of walking past my cellar door now, teehee...

Be sure to click to get the high resolution
version before downloading.

Feel free to use this image in art that you create
for your personal use.
However, do not make the images on this blog
available for sale or for free either individually
or as part of a collection.
Thanks for adhering to my terms of use :)


  1. love what you did with these..wonderful!!!

  2. oooo!! super creepy!! i would be scared stiff to walk pass your cellar door now to be honest :)

  3. love how you showed the process, your work is lovely.

  4. How wonderful! I love the ghostly image. I'd be afraid of the cellar door myself. ;-)


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