Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A pretty image of a young girl praying.
The etching of the girl has been altered by
superimposing a scene of some winter grasses
and some handwriting. I like the warm harvest colors.

Click on the image to go to the high resolution version.
Then right click (or control-click on a Mac)
and "save image as".

Have a creative day!

Feel free to use these images in art that you create 
for your personal use or for sale.
 However, do not make the images themselves 
available for sale or for free either individually 
or as part of a collection. 
Thanks for adhering to my terms of use! 


  1. gosh!! that's so pretty and just a little poignant ... actually it looks really romantic to me!! lovely!

  2. Hi Maggie. I LOVE her!! She is beautiful and ethereal. I love the grasses and the writing and the warm tones. I will have to make something special with her in the future and share the tutorial with you.
    BTW, I love your photo. You are so pretty!


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